Hey guys!

Stepping into the adult industry was the best damn decision I ever made, My eyes have been opened and my understanding of sex, love, human connection and the world in general has exploded. I hope to share with you whatever knowledge and understanding I’ve gained from living a life devoted to sexual exploration. I’ve adored writing about adult related content and giving you all an insight into my growth, experiences, views and of course my twisted thoughts.

Sadly since trying to upload and host my diary on 3rd party advertising platforms, I’ve found it to be too difficult adhering to all their rules and regulations. I’ve been told several times that my writing is too vulgar or rather… distasteful… and well… of course, I’m here to argue that notation and give all the 3rd party advertising platforms the big middle finger!

So here I am, starting my own website, or well, blog site I guess. No formalities, No rules, No proofreading… No censorship!!!

I really do hope you all enjoy, I do ask you all to be patient with my incredibly new and limited website creation and design capabilities.

However that said, I really do encourage and welcome all constructive criticism and feedback in regards to my website and the content I produce for you all! – If you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, you can’t fix or improve on it.

Kind regards,