• Guest Post – Urinating while riding.
    **This is a recount shared by a gentleman who seen My Sexual Bucket list, and wanted to help by ticking off “Urinate while riding”. You can check out my recount here.** Valerie is […]
  • My SBL – Urinate While Riding
    I’m a heavy believer in fluidity and adaptation, particularly when it comes to sexual acts. Despite this, I find myself placing a label on my sexual nature as a ‘submissive’. While I genuinely […]
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    Any new experience can be daunting, let alone meeting a woman with the intent of having sex! I want to use this opportunity to calm the nerves you may be experiencing when organizing […]
  • Everyone Deserves to Feel Desired.
    Since I was a child all I ever dreamed of doing was leading a life where I helped others. This is reflected in my choice of university degree, paramedicine. Many other students in […]
  • How rough?
    Not too long ago an anonymous gentleman asked a question on my Curious Cat profile that I thought would be fantastic to write about to give you some insight into my sexual interests, […]
  • My Sexual Bucket List
    I have always been a very sexual person by nature, even prior to escorting. I bloomed early and started having sex as a young teen, so you’d imagine I’ve tried most things that […]
  • My First Client.
    When you begin in any new job role, you generally get to ease into the line of work with the assistance of others guiding and training you at a manageable pace. The adult […]