Guest Post – Urinating while riding.

**This is a recount shared by a gentleman who seen My Sexual Bucket list, and wanted to help by ticking off “Urinate while riding”. You can check out my recount here.**

Valerie is a stunning girl. Long colorful hair, just a few inches shorter than me.  Very pretty face and eyes that know more than her age implies. She stood in front of me wearing a stunning lacy see-through bodysuit. Her body made it stretch and contact exactly where it was designed too. The look of cleavage through a sheer top stretched by ample firm breasts is a delight.  The bodysuit rose seductively between her firm round ass cheeks. The view peaked my desire to kiss her ass cheeks. But I’d have to wait, I’d only just walked in.

How had I found myself here? I was freshly showered, completely naked and hard. “Come over here let me see that dick of yours” she purred.

She gently grabbed the shaft inspecting me like a piece of fruit at the supermarket. “Nice dick you’ve got.” She said smiling up at me “I think I can have some fun with this”. 

The comment put a question in my mind. Surely ‘we’ were gonna have fun.  Was there more behind her confident demeanor. You’re panicking, I thought to myself. Just enjoy this moment you’ve landed yourself in. 

Next she looked me straight in the eyes.  I have something for you to put on. My mind raced, a condom (of course), a robe maybe or even a towel to cover my complete nakedness. 

From under the couch cushion she pulled out a cute pair of pink panties. French cut and g-string. “Here you go, that dick will look even sexier in these”. My mind raced, if I say no do I lose this chance with Valerie.  Will my turgid friend even fit. 

“Of course” I said. Somehow resigning myself to the fact that the thought made me excited.  I was excited by the idea she liked it and to be honest it’s what I’ve done at home for fun.  

“Good boy” she whispered.  “Raise your arms up”. Without thinking I did as asked. This was me now.  Valerie’s amusement. I loved the idea. She pulled down a stretch lacy top to complete my “girlfriend experience”. I had secretly hoped to be a girl. The fact it was coming true ironically made my dick drip.

“You look so cute” she dropped to her knees and before I knew what was going on had grabbed her phone and was lining up a selfie of her pretty face next to my pretty panties. “Do you mind” she asked  “for my personal collection”. The idea of being photographed with her was amazing. I didn’t care if she published it on Twitter. I was so into anything she wanted to do.

“I want you to grab something for me, out on the bed. Just through the door”. Once again I did as asked without thinking.  On the bed I found a small tight leather skirt and high leather boots of red.

Surely these weren’t for me too I thought.  Dutifully I brought them out. “I want you to dress me in them”. Now this was a dream come true. 

Valerie pulled the shoulders of her black sheer bodysuit down.  She looked at me expectantly. I knew I was to do the rest. As slowly as  I could I pulled the top half down. Her breasts are even better freed. Round bouncy and full.  I didn’t dare touch yet. She kissed me passionately as I did this. Moving hey body into mine. She turned around and I continued to remove her clothing.  As I took the bodysuit off her round ass, I kissed both cheeks and she purred just a little. I full-on smiled at my situation now. 

She pulled the skirt on quickly herself. I had caught a glimpse of a stunning shaved pubic area. As quick as it had come it was back under the right sexy leather skirt. 

“Put these boots on me” she said almost demanding.  Something in her demeanor had changed with the outfit. 

Sitting down she had me kneel between her legs.  Slowly lifting the skirt. I smiled at her, she smiled at me.  I looked slowly down from her pretty face, down her body over her great tits, erect nipples, black skirt smooth open pussy. 

My head went straight for her pussy. I think it was guided by Valerie but I was going there anyway. My tongue went to work.  Slowly at first seeing what made her hips move. Then as I found the direction and pressure she liked my hands reached on under grabbing get smooth firm ass cheeks.  I pulled her to my mouth. My knees ached, my foot was caught up on itself. I wouldn’t stop while Valerie was moaning verbally encouraging me. Her smoothness, her taste was great. This was what I was made for.  

“Stick a finger in” she half moaned. “Keep going. You’ve done this before”. That was all the encouragement I needed.  She climaxed loudly. I dripped a small load of pre-cum. 

She grabbed me up kissed me and tasted herself on my lips.  She was a naughty little one. I was now willing to do anything she asked.  Alright I always was, but it seemed the right time to exaggerate the point.  

We kissed on the couch for a while, hands moving all over each other like teenagers.  I had somehow ended up under her. She pulled back smiling. Pushed my hips into the couch. “You’ve been good, you deserve a treat”.

She pulled her long beautiful hair to one side.  Smiled pulled my pink panties to one side. Smiled and began to suck my cock. The pleasure of Valerie’s mouth was amazing.  Perfect speed perfect pressure. So much pleasure. After a few minutes of the greatest sensation she rose. Standing above me. She placed both legs either side and slid her amazing pussy down my shaft.  Leaning across kissing me. Body on body contract. She moved her hips and whispered in my ear “You’d make a good dildo. Would you like to be my real life on call dildo?”

I said what any man in this position would say ” Fuck yeah”. The very idea of being at work and summoned to her apartment to be used like this was pure perfection in my head. How did she work me out so quickly or are we two of a kind?

She stood and led me by the hand to the bedroom.  “Lie there” she commanded. “I have more plans for you yet”. I did as ordered. I realized now I was naked except for my new pink panties.  When did I lose the top? The passion was blurring but I didn’t care. 

Valerie returned to the bedroom. She moved like a powerful goddess now.  She was so aware of my complete submission to her. She placed some things under a blanket at the end of the bed.  What was running through her pretty little head? What was I in for. This sensuous creature had me, I thought I was getting to fuck her. No, I was the toy.  I never felt like a victim as she kept the sensual kisses going. She held my hands like I was being arrested and put some rubber restraints on my hands. I was cuffed and chuffed about it. 

Her kisses kept coming. Hands moved over my near-naked body.  Rubbing my cock through the smooth panties. “I bet you have a cute little ass hole too”. She moved my legs apart and began to rub my boy hole with her finger. 

“A little birdy told me; you’d like to be fucked by a big cock. My friend would love you.  Tied up in these cute panties. ” Fuck me!!! my mind was racing. I knew she was friends with a trans girl I had seen previously.  Had they spoken, never. I dismissed that idea for the stupidity it was. 

She had her phone out again. Not another picture I thought. Then the phone started dialing on speaker. My heart nearly stopped. She’s just dialing a number she knows won’t answer. 

“Hello?” a deep male voice answered. 

“Hey hun, I have a guy here restrained on the bed. In the cutest little pink panties.  His ass is begging for you. Are you up for it?”.

“Aaah yes” the somewhat surprised voice responded. “It will take me a few minutes to get over there”. “But yeah that sounds great”.

I nearly died. I am bi-curious. How did she know?  How would this work? Why was I dripping more pre-cum? The phone hung up.

“Roll over” she said.  My ass cheeks pointing up only protected by the sliver of pink that mostly went between my ass cheeks.  She slapped my cheeks. “You like that, don’t you?”. 

“Yes Miss Val” I replied.. where had that come from.  I just called her ‘Miss’. It just seemed appropriate. It was right. 

She leaned back grabbed another of the hidden items.  SLAP Ouch. She had caned me. SLAP on the other side. She rubbed her soft hand on my stunning cheeks.  I liked this, I liked this a lot.  

“I think you should fuck me now”. These were the words I’d hoped to hear about 45 minutes ago.  She knelt forward on the bed, positioned me behind her. It was happening, finally it was happening.  I went to work. Moving in and out with her hips guiding my tempo. She groaned a little. Feedback like this is so useful.  She groaned louder. I was a god, I had this beautiful woman groaning. 

“Look in the mirror, you look so good fucking me in your sexy pink panties” and boom. I was back in my place.  I was Valerie’s toy, and I loved it.

She orgasmed again and pulled away from me. I was getting tired and rolled onto my back. Still erect, Valerie looked closely at the condom. “Oh my god that’s a lot of pre-cum.”. By now every word she uttered was like receiving praise from an ancient sex goddess that had decided to use me for her fun. 

“Do you want to try your bucket list item now?” I said as confidently as I could given the circumstances. Not a word in response. 

She climbed on top of me and started to ride me. Her hips moved rhythmically and her pussy felt so good. We were one now.  

Then I felt it. Hotter than I expected, more than I expected. She was urinating on me while I fucked her. More came I groaned.  This was the dirtiest greatest feeling of my entire life. Three, four more releases on my pubic mound. It was going to be messy, neither of us cared. She pulled her lips apart while still riding me.  Rubbed her clit. More golden warmth flowed. She came and I was the proudest man on the planet.  

She rolled off me, removed my condom.  “Entertain me” she commanded. I knew what she meant and I started to wank. She played with herself lightly.  “Feel how fucking wet I am” she implored. Forced my hand to feel the full extent of her wetness. It was amazing; I put my fingers in my mouth. Tasted her one last time and shot the biggest load of my life.  I lay there covered in every form of liquid the body could conjure. I felt great, Valerie looked exhausted and so pleased. 

I still think about this every day. Waiting for the call to be a human dildo. Wondering if her friend ever turned up to fuck Valerie’s pissy little sissy.

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