How It Happens – What to Expect when Meeting Me.

Any new experience can be daunting, let alone meeting a woman with the intent of having sex! I want to use this opportunity to calm the nerves you may be experiencing when organizing an upcoming date. If you’ve made it so far as to be reading this, you’ve put some serious energy into finding a woman for your needs and I want to take the time to say good on you! There are a lot of individuals out there who have the desire but not the confidence to get to this point! You’re already doing great.

If you haven’t gotten in touch yet, I’ll explain how I tend to run my show. I of course endeavor to reply to everyone as promptly as possible, please feel free to have a conversation with me. While it is always handy to promptly provide me with the information I’ll need such as a date, time, service you’d like, location and duration; don’t feel like you can’t talk to me like a person. I enjoy having a bit of a chat and finding out exactly what you’re into and by asking me questions you’re not annoying me or wasting my time – we’re figuring out how to make the experience awesome for both of us! I can’t answer phone calls 100% of the time as I roam around public a fair amount during the day, but will always get back to you through text if I find myself occupied. In most circumstances, I won’t require your personal details so discretion is maintained throughout the process. The only time this may change is if you’re asking to restrain me or delve into sensory deprivation where I will require photo ID (All of which is kept strictly confidential) Once we have the details hashed out, I’ll send you a message with instructions on how to access my building or you can send me your address when you’re ready if I’m visiting you. I’ll follow up when the date comes around by sending you a message close to check that your schedule hasn’t changed since we last spoke, and then the fun begins!

If you’re visiting my home in Braddon, rest assured there is parking! Woohoo problem #1 solved. There’s some available on the streets nearby or you can park underneath my building in the secure parking lot (Keep in mind this one will set you back a few dollars). If you’re ever unsure about navigating your way or finding parking please feel free to get in touch with your provider, there’s nothing worse than roaming the streets confused! You’ll be greeted by myself, wearing both a big smile and probably not much besides knickers (unless you’ve requested I dress a certain way). I stay at a one-bedroom apartment so it’s easy to find your way around once you’re inside. The hallways of the building can feel a little long, especially if you’re already nervous but just focus on what fun is behind that door! Once I’ve placed a kiss on your lips, this is always a great time to have a bit of chat and banter before we get undressed! I love hearing about how you spend your days so I tend to ask a few questions, please don’t let that intimidate you, I simply find it fascinating to hear about your life. This is a 2-way street; I’m an open book so feel free to ask me anything too! I try to keep my fridge stocked with different drinks and snacks for us, and I know we usually refuse out of some silly politeness but if you like what you see, please enjoy it, I have after all provided it for you! It is this time when it’s best to settle the finances and get the boring stuff out of the way. If you’ve been at work or walking around in our heat I’ll ask you jump into the shower and have a quick rinse, with a focus on washing your genitals properly (make it tasty for me!). It is at this point, prior to showering, I will ask to have a look and perform a sexual health check. This may feel a little odd if you’re new to the idea, but don’t stress I have no judgment and just want to ensure we both have some safe fun. I have neutral smelling soap and fresh towels for your convenience, and seriously.. What is sexier than you strutting from the shower to the lounge wearing a towel? Yum. I scrub up prior to you arriving, but if you want me to join you in the steamy confines of the shower I am down for that too!

I probably won’t be able to keep my hands off you for long and will likely end up on your lap in an embrace or perhaps on my knees. Once we’ve had some fun and our blood gets boiling, it’s time to head to the bedroom where we can really begin to indulge in all the delicious activities we’ve eagerly been awaiting. I don’t hesitate to communicate throughout our experience together, so you can be sure I’m always enjoying myself and take that pressure off to continuously check as if there’s an issue or we need to adapt what we’re doing, I’ll mention it 🙂 If you’re wondering about what I enjoy or what’s too rough, jump on over to my blog ‘How Rough?’ which discusses my Pornstar Experience. Please don’t attempt to perform any activities that we haven’t discussed prior as it can detract from our enjoyment and some things I need to be prepared for. If you ask for something else in the heat of the moment please keep in mind I’ll likely need to interrupt the mood by going back to discussing finances which aren’t the sexiest conversations we could be having with our clothes off. Not that I am in any way against this, I just want you to understand how it will play out; it’s always best to confirm these things prior. Once we’ve hit orgasmic bliss and I’ve cleaned you up, I always enjoy laying and having a chat and cuddle with you, or if time permits we can always go for round 2! Or 3… Maybe 4?! 😛  Perhaps you could use a nice massage to ease the aches of a hard day’s work. The options are endless!

After we’ve recovered and unwound it is up to you if you’d like to have a rinse before you head home, but I don’t mind if you cherish the scent for a little while! It’s now my least favorite part when it’s time to get clothed (full disclosure: the odds of me putting clothes on are slim) and have our last kiss and embrace, now is the to arrange another time to meet if you so choose to do so! Until next time, I bid you farewell and hope that smirk lasts for days!

I hope I’ve shed some light on how a typical interaction with me goes down, I can’t speak for all providers out there! I wish you luck on finding the perfect companion to satisfy all of your needs in and out of the bedroom!

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7 thoughts on “How It Happens – What to Expect when Meeting Me.

  1. Matt

    I love this! Knowing this before meeting you makes it so much less stressful!
    And would love to make use of other places than the bedroom too!

  2. Norman Ross

    I’m fascinated by the open honesty of your writings. When things return to normal I would love to meet you.

    Meanwhile is it possible to talk via twitter on DM as I would like to explain my background and my needs. [all quite “normal” I think

    regards, Norman

    1. valerie Post author

      Hi Norman!

      Thank you for your kind words, they’re encouraging! I need to keep writing and feedback like this makes me want to! So thank you!

      You’re more than welcome to message me on twitter, I am a little slow to reply sometimes… well most times lately. I am working on this! E-mail is also welcomed!

      <3 Val.


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