How rough?

Not too long ago an anonymous gentleman asked a question on my Curious Cat profile that I thought would be fantastic to write about to give you some insight into my sexual interests, with a little more description than my bucket list has allowed! His question was phrased “How rough can clients be with you?” 

This is a fantastic question because admittedly I do enjoy ‘rough’ sex but the term is so broad and all-encompassing that whilst it may mean one thing to me, it could mean something entirely different to a gentleman visiting me. Keep in mind while reading that I do find myself to be naturally submissive when paired with someone who wants to get naughty. That is the context I am using whilst writing, despite that, I am always happy to do these activities on you if you prefer the roles reversed.  

I want to begin by explaining what I really enjoy when the dynamic in the bedroom becomes intense during my Pornstar Experience. I believe what arouses me most when it comes to being dominated and treated roughly is the gents certainty in his actions. The actions could really be anything but there is nothing more attractive to me than a man who moves with confidence and makes his demands clear. That isn’t to say I don’t appreciate the men who are dipping their toes into the BDSM world, it is something everyone should explore at one point or another and I would be honored to help you experience these new and shiny things! 

The services that I offer in my Pornstar Experience (which is the ‘rough’ one) that are additional to the Girlfriend Experience are as follows: Dirty talk, spanking, slapping, hair pulling, choking, spitting, titty fucking, natural deep throating and cumming pretty much anywhere. 

Let’s start with dirty talk. I often get asked if certain terms or words are OK to use and I would like to say that I have not yet found a single word that would hurt my feelings or upset me during our time together. Slut? Yum. Whore? That’s me! Filthy? Absolutely. Cum dumpster? Fine by me! My greatest turn on is degradation so the terminology that you may have been afraid to use, please lay it on me because I can guarantee you’ll have me dripping. You can be as rough as you like with what you say to me while we’re in the heat of the moment. Please refrain from calling me such things outside of the bedroom, unless during playful banter which I find hard to stay away from! 

Next up is spanking. Everyone has a particular flavor of pain and I sadly can only handle so much spanking or whipping. I enjoy a couple of good smacks and can usually tolerate more if I am really into the scene set by you however I don’t like the look of bruises so I please ask you to consider how much force you put into that swing of yours. If you’re really into spanking and like to see a bit more of it try alternating cheeks and move your target around after 2 good hits. 

Slapping. If you’d like to slap my face, I’m all in but remember I haven’t auditioned for a Rocky Balboa movie. I can take a nice hit and it can really heighten an orgasm to have a little unexpected shock from a nice slap, but it needs to be careful. Remember that the cheek is a small target and that is what you are aiming for. It can be quite dangerous and painful if you slap my ear, eye or lower on my jaw. Just take the time to judge your position and let loose but please remember my previous comment about bruising so alternate cheeks if you intend to serve several. 

Hair pulling. One of my favorites! When grabbed correctly, you won’t need to worry about pulling my hair too hard. I love it and can take it. The best way to grab my hair is to get as much as possible in a handful, as close to the scalp as possible. This way the weight is distributed better and won’t result in my hair ripping out. My red locks are one of my best assets after all! Pull firm but relatively slow. If you grab it and jerk it hard, you risk injuring my neck so I suggest using controlled movements, but besides that go to town! 

Choking and breath play. As I approach orgasm, this is one of the best ways to get me over the line. When playing with the airway and neck, there’s a lot of safety that needs to be considered. Never use enough force to damage any of the structures of the neck. This should go without saying. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to know how hard your pressing, so always err on the side of caution. I am not comfortable with being blood choked to unconsciousness. Please do not try. What I do love is a hand around my throat with a little pressure, enough to make me gasp for air. If I grab your hand and gesture you to move it away, I expect you to follow my lead. Sometimes I’ll grab your hand and apply more pressure if you aren’t doing it as hard as I desire. 

Spitting. If you great me at the door by hacking up a logie on my face I won’t be the happiest, but if you’re treating me like your naughty little slut in the bedroom and you spit on me I’ll melt into a puddle of ‘please fuck me’. If you’d like to spit on my face, please tell me to close my eyes before you do it. 

Titty fucking doesn’t need all that much explanation but if you’ve mounted my chest please ensure not all your body weight is resting on my ribs as it can get a bit uncomfortable, but my oh my. I sure do adore the sight of the head of your cock thrusting up towards my mouth. 

Finishing! As mentioned before, you can finish wherever you please excluding on my vulva as STDs can still be transmitted through semen alone. Fun fact hey? Despite this, I can bend over and you can finish all over my ass cheeks, down my breasts, across my face (Please warn me when you’re about to ejaculate as semen in the eye is super painful!)  but my favorite place is in my mouth. There’s something so satisfying about swallowing your sexual essence, but there’s also nothing better than feeling your cock throb as you finish into the condom deep inside me. 

General roughness in terms of thrusting intensity and the speed in which you fuck me is of little concern, in fact the wilder the better. The only time I might tell you to back up a bit is if you’re quite well endowed in terms of length but we’ll have that giggle and conversation at the time if necessary. One other thing I wanted to mention is that I have incredibly sensitive skin. This is brilliant for the soft touches and teasing which drives me wild, but it is very easy to be inclined to grab and squeeze parts of me. My thighs and hips, by all means do grab them firmly but please avoid pinching my skin between your hands as it’s really uncomfortable. My breasts are quite sensitive too and while I love them being held and gently squeeze, please don’t try to pop them! If you want a positive reaction from me, the nipples are where all the attention should be placed. I love them being pinched and nibbled on, it sends me wild! 

I hope I have given a good understanding of some of the ways in which my body and mind work, and the question of ‘how rough can I be’ has been answered. Anything that I haven’t mentioned here is likely to be an additional service that I would love to discuss the logistics and limits of with you in a personal message. Please don’t hesitate to text me if you have any questions regarding my limits on additional services or if you’d like to delve a bit deeper into what I’ve explained here. 

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Thanks always,
Valerie Vaccari

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2 thoughts on “How rough?

  1. Mr S Fox

    Thank you for elaborating on this subject; as you mention, it is an extremely broad subject and what one person finds uncomfortable, another might find quite mild.

    PS: beautiful image

    1. valerie Post author

      Thanks Mr Fox! It’s great to have an opportunity to explain in depth what really gets me going!


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