My First Client.

When you begin in any new job role, you generally get to ease into the line of work with the assistance of others guiding and training you at a manageable pace. The adult industry is one of the few, where you are required to take a leap of faith, which can be daunting as a young female with no history of sex work or sleeping with strangers. Fortunately, I had friends in the industry who helped me in creating advertisements and gave me advice on what to expect yet despite having access to this wisdom, my first encounter with a client as an independent escort was… less than graceful.

Admittedly, the notion of sex work ignited an insatiable fire in me and I’d always gotten off to the idea of being paid to fuck. Despite this, I won’t sugar coat it; I was shitting myself when it came time to see my first client. In order to calm my nerves, I had a couple of drinks.. and then a couple more. The end result? One hell of a messy evening.

I had spoken to the gent online where we organized the details of the booking which was a standard girlfriend experience. Luckily my first client was a gentleman in his 20’s, which was less intimidating than a middle-aged man may have been so early on in my career as a sex worker. I met him down the road from my home as a safety precaution and after introducing myself, we walked back to my unit where we chatted on the lounge and shared a drink. (I should have stopped many drinks ago, mind you) Honestly, the rest was a bit of a blur but I can tell you right now it was not a standard girlfriend experience; that was some sweaty, hot, filthy sex. This lucky random Russian bloke got the full porn star experience because drunken Valerie was enjoying herself a little too much! On the other hand, perhaps the value of the free upgrade was cancelled out by the fact that my flatmate needed to come into the room and pretty much drag me off of the guy. Not once, but twice! What can I say? I was having a hoot.

Ivan darling, I didn’t mean it when I said I love you, I just meant I loved the experience!

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Thanks always,
Valerie Vaccari

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2 thoughts on “My First Client.

  1. Greg

    A very interesting account. As a client I sometimes wonder what it is like for sex workers when they meet their first client.

    I like your style of writing; very easy to read. I enjoyed this post immensely.

    1. valerie Post author

      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it Greg, thank you. It’s always interesting to try and jump into the shoes of the other participant, I often wonder how you gents think during the experience! Maybe you need to write a blog for me to enjoy? 😉


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