My SBL – Urinate While Riding

I’m a heavy believer in fluidity and adaptation, particularly when it comes to sexual acts. Despite this, I find myself placing a label on my sexual nature as a ‘submissive’. While I genuinely believe this to be accurate, I suppose I never quite understood how much I could enjoy a role reversal and dominating my partner in the bedroom… until now.

I had a lovely gentleman get in contact with me about a domination fantasy he wanted me to play out with him. Admittedly, when I read the email I started shitting myself. “I’m not a Dom, I can’t portray a dominant character and I’ll fail at this” I kept thinking to myself. But, I am also the kind of person to step out of my comfort zone in order to see exactly what I am capable of. If you don’t, how would you ever know? Because I have never truly explored my capacity for dominating men, I shied away from it like I’m losing my virginity for the first time again! It sure felt that way while waiting for my gent to arrive!

I had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with a photographer, Paul R Cowled, who had made contact with me to arrange a photo shoot the same day. We shot at his beach house down in Batemans Bay and then I threw myself in the car and hurried home to meet this interesting man! Unfortunately, I looked like a roasted lobster from the sun which he didn’t seem to mind, thank god! Haha. Because of the hectic nature of the day and the sheer amount of driving involved to get home, I was admittedly very unprepared and nervous as fuck.

I knew I needed a nice dominatrix styled outfit to finish off my look, and was nervous that what I had was not going to cut it! At the time I only owned the bright red Pleaser heels that I wear for pole dancing and a black leather skirt. That should do, I imagined. I set these items out nicely on my bed but didn’t don the attire yet. Based on previous discussions I was aware of my gents desires and exactly how I should play with our precious time together. I picked out a gorgeous pair of pink panties and a cute blue lace top. Oh, no. not for me. For him. I clothed myself (barely) in a cute black and green lace bodysuit that I fancied.

I hear the intercom buzz and even though I had a glass of wine to help calm my nerves I still couldn’t help but panic. “OH FUCK” I audibly said to myself when I realized I didn’t even have the essential piece of equipment in my arsenal. A cane. Well, that issue didn’t take too long to solve because I vividly recall being at a close friend’s house once, picking up a plastic stick and wondering ‘WTF is this?’ I was told shortly after that it was a broken coat hanger that had been fashioned into a cane. Fuck yes, I recall myself thinking as I dashed to the closet, ripped a shirt off the coat hanger and snapped in half as quick as I could. This thing, while made of plastic, left a welt to be remembered! I had to test it on my own thigh first of course so I could vouch for its pain potential!

I hear a knock at the door as I’ve sneakily hidden the dodgy cane underneath the comforter on my bed, I waltz over to the door and open it to be greeted by a friendly but slightly nervous looking man. After the boring stuff is out of the way, he sheepishly exits the bathroom wearing nothing at all to find me laying confidently (fake it until you make it?) on my leather lounge. As he approached me I grabbed his cock and mentioned how much fun I was going to have playing with him, as though my pleasure was the only focus. He was here to serve. I told him “I have something for you to wear” and pulled out the cute pink lace G-string and the pale blue see-through shirt for him to wear. It was obviously far too small but I thoroughly enjoyed watching him squeeze his cock and balls into that tiny piece of material and seeing all of his body contained in the small shirt as I pulled it over his body. After seeing that sight, I had the urge to pull out my phone and take a photo with his cock all dressed up for me. I think it may have humiliated him just a little, but no part of him looked hesitant and I enjoyed being on my knees making fun of how I was going to enjoy the image of his cock in my panties later.

After he was looking as cute as a barbie doll at Mardi Gras I instructed him to go to my bedroom and bring back the clothing I had left on the bed. He obliged and returned with my skirt and heels. I slipped out of my lace bodysuit and told him to now dress me. He handed me my skirt that I slipped into and so willingly, wrapped my feet in the devilish slut boots I provided. Any nervousness I felt had completely dissipated, I was enjoying being the boss and toying with him more than I ever imagined possible. Once I saw how willing he was and believed in the character I was portraying, it became even easier to enact the role play. After he finished zipping up my heels, I lifted my skirt slightly and he dove into my crotch to eat my moistened pussy with the enthusiasm of a dog lapping at a water bowl. After he dutifully made me reach orgasm and I got bored of this, I rose from the lounge, placed him on it and thought he might deserve some form of reward. I moved his panties out of my way and took him into my mouth, sucking away at his cock while he looked as though he was in pure ecstasy. I popped a condom on him and slid down onto his cock with my legs either side of him, telling him how great of a dildo he would make me. I gave him the idea that he was going to get fucked well but broke the connection quickly by removing myself and telling him I had other plans for him yet!

I rose up once again but in the process I mistakenly stomped on his foot with the sharp heel, I almost broke character as he winced and grabbed his foot. Never do I ever want to see anyone or anything for that matter in genuine displeasure or pain as a result of my actions, so I looked at him sideways with a quick ‘you ok?’ look and with a nod and a smile in return, I told him to follow me to the bedroom. Once we were in there, I made him lay on the bed. He looked both scared & excited, the perfect little fuck toy! I popped some cuffs on his wrists, making him that little bit more my bitch. I ran my hands over his exposed body, kissed him gently as to soothe his nerves but only for a moment. “You look so cute in those knickers, I bet you have a cute little asshole too”. I spread his legs as I rubbed his hard cock, squeezed by the fabric I caressed his hole with my finger. I mentioned how much he’d probably enjoy being fucked. I knew he would. Little did he know, I arranged to call a good friend of mine. Out came my phone and dialed the number, putting it on speaker. After the formalities of asking how my mate was, I followed it up with “I’m here playing with a friend of mine. He has a tight little asshole I think you’d love to slip your cock into, can you come around?” “Yeah, no worries! I can be there in 5 minutes, see you soon!” he replied. I hung up the phone and could sense my toy was shitting himself. Did I ever have the intent for my friend to join? No, of course not without the organization prior. But I knew my gent had a fantasy of being fucked in the ass whilst still fearing it and I sure did cater to that! He was in a puddle by this point, I could have done anything!

“Roll over, on your knees” I told him. I played with his cheeks with my hand and gave him a couple spanks. “You like that don’t you?” He sure as fuck did. I paused to pull out my dodgy coat-hanger cane and wrapped it around his ass a few times while he winced to the pain. By this point I was dripping with power and told him it’s time to go to work. I bent over in front of him on my hands and knees so he could fuck me like my friend might have fucked him, and boy was I in heaven! The lead-up, power play, role-reversal?! I was in my element! I looked across to my mirror on the wall and told him to look at himself. “Look how cute you look fucking me in those pink panties!”, I couldn’t let him think he’d get to fuck me without being degraded further! It didn’t take long until I was writhing around, completely absorbed in my orgasms. I lay him down on the bed after inspecting how much precum was oozing from the end of his cock within the condom until he looks up at me and mentions my bucket list. I got so ahead of myself I forgot how filthy he really was and the highlight of this whole adventure! I mounted him, slid his cock back into my sopping wet pussy and ground away, while on top I unleashed my bladder and let my urine flow, drenching his silk-clad crotch. The warmth of my urine filling the gaps between our exhausted bodies felt so pleasant, I couldn’t imagine how I hadn’t done this until now! I then spread my pussy lips, exposing my vagina, I rubbed myself until I exploded into another orgasm, how many times was I going to cum?! Once done, I told him to entertain me. ‘Clap clap bitch’ I vocalized in my head. I was thriving on this. I watched as he masturbated that cock of his in full view of me. I gawked at how wet I was and forced him to press his hand up against my warm dripping pussy as he made himself climax and leak cum everywhere. I must admit, there is something wildly satisfying about watching a man jerk himself off. The vulnerability of his position was thrilling.

This experience allowed me to tick a major item off my bucket list that I’ve been dreaming about for years ever since a friend of mine told me she liked to piss while riding her partner. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to explore my dominant nature, which was surprisingly easier than I imagined after seeing how receptive and intimidated (In the best way!) my partner was. I must admit, I’ve done this particular bucket list item several times since this experience. The sensation and power feels incredible! My final opinion: 10/10 would piss again.


My pink lace laden friend has honored me (or well us!), by writing his own recount of our experience together, you can check it out here

What drives me to keep writing about my experiences and sharing my sexual escapades is you guys! I really do adore and love the feedback you all leave, I’ll keep writing if you guys keep up the positive support!

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Love always,
Your filthy slut Val xx 

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      Hey, that’s really empowering to hear! Thank you. What do you like to write about? I feel blessed to be considered for a bookmark! I best start posting more often 😛 I have been horrifically slack this year but see the end in sight 🙂

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    Depending on yourself to make the decisions can really be upsetting and frustrating. Many of us develop this ability over the course of our life. It doesnt really just happen if you know what I mean.

    1. valerie Post author

      I keep waiting for this big book of knowledge to be jammed in by head.. it didn’t come at 18, not even 21. I’ve learned we are all just figuring it out as we go!


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