My Sexual Bucket List

I have always been a very sexual person by nature, even prior to escorting. I bloomed early and started having sex as a young teen, so you’d imagine I’ve tried most things that interest me. I find this isn’t the case, and couldn’t be further from the truth. The more I experience, the more I realize I am yet to try so many things! And, as I tick one item off my sexual bucket list, another one manages to make its way into the back of my head and into the dark depths of my desires. There have been some requests I’ve had where I didn’t believe it was ‘my thing’ but my awesome line of work is simply reinforcing how nasty I must be because I haven’t found the metaphorical ‘line in the sand’ yet. Maybe I never will? Oh, and yes. I keep track of the sexual escapades my loins yearn for. That’s not weird, is it? Oh well, when I’m on my death-bed (of which will be littered with dildos, condoms, and glitter) I want to be able to say whole-heartedly that I have indeed seen, tried, felt and tasted it all. My clit twitches thinking about all the nasty shit I’ve done, and all the exciting endeavors I have ahead of me. Some may not be all that wild but are things I just need to do and haven’t had the opportunity to present itself yet. If you guys like the sound of any of these and want to be the one to help me tick it off, let’s do it!

  • Be fucked by a feminine transexual  
  • Be the only female in a gang bang
  • Have an Orgy (5 or more) 
  • Have sex with a crane operator, in the crane
  • Have sex with someone over 70 
  • Have sex in a movie theatre 
  • Have sex in a pool 
  • Have sex on a bus/train
  • Have sex in a plane while in the sky 
  • Have sex while skydiving
  • Post a pornographic video on Pornhub 
  • Sign up and become a cam girl 
  • Be suspended in Shibari 
  • Experience a ‘realistic’ rape roleplay
  • Have sex with 2 women at once (Checked off 03/02/20)
  • Be bound to a bed with a vibrator on my clit, unable to escape 
  • Be tied to a bed and used as a fuck-toy whenever they pleased throughout the day
  • Be double penetrated 
  • Play with sounding a man
  • Peg a man
  • Fuck a man in front of his wife (Checked off 07/02/20)
  • Have a partner fuck someone else in front of me (Checked off 13/12/19)
  • Be walked around on a leash in public
  • Be fucked in the bathroom stall of the strippers or a nightclub 
  • Urinate while riding a guy (Checked off 22/01/20, read about it here!)
  • Drink a woman’s breast milk while fooling around
  • Masturbate or have sex with a man on a nude beach 
  • Have sex with an amputee
  • Have sex with a black woman 
  • Fuck a famous singer
  • Have sex in an elevator 
  • Have sex on a rooftop
  • Have my naked body used as a food platter for a function 
  • Learn to dance and strip at a club (at least once) 
  • Help a guy out in a Gloryhole
  • Be blindfolded for an entire experience. You walk in and use me, walk out. No talking. No looking. 
  • Fuck an on-duty police officer to get out of a ticket or fine
  • Give someone oral sex under their desk while they have to talk to colleagues 
  • Go through McDonald’s drive through completely naked
  • Set up a sex dungeon 
  • Be vacuum sealed in a latex bed
  • Be involved in a predicament bondage scenario 
  • Attend a swingers party 
  • Perform at a peep-show 

I’d love to know which ones interest you, and if you’ve had an experience with any of these I’d be thrilled to hear your story of how it went; did you like it? Hate it? Can’t get enough of it?
And remember, don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of your sexual quirks. You only get one shot at this life, you don’t get to live it twice.


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Thanks always,
Valerie Vaccari

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14 thoughts on “My Sexual Bucket List

  1. Paul

    Oh my god. The peeing while riding a guy sounds so awesome. I hada massive stiring just reading that one alone. Seems it interests me. Don’t get the logistics of how it to clean up. But that’s not the point now is it. Is it even possible??

    1. valerie Post author

      We don’t worry about the clean up until after the fun! It’s an idea I have been enjoying for years and just never had the opportunity to try but I think the time will come soon. It’s very possible!

  2. Bret

    Wow I really like your list. I really like the public sex aspect, theatre, strip club, pool , bus/train. Being tied to a bed and used as a fuck you really piqued my interest as well ! I hope you get to experience all your desires and that you write about them here on your blog so I can vicariously enjoy them. Youve got a great writing style as well, keep up the good work.

    1. valerie Post author

      Thanks Bret! I really get off on the idea of public, but it sadly becomes a little difficult with the law.. so we need to be extra sneaky! I plan on writing a little post for each one I tick off so you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy them Xx

  3. Ray

    Oh Valerie !!!

    Love your list! Sooo hot. I’d love to help you with a couple of them when in Canberra next time.

    You are one sexy hot amazing Lady!

    1. valerie Post author

      Well then Ray you’ll have to let me know when you’re in Canberra next! Thank you for the compliment Xx

  4. Greg

    The idea of visiting a sex dungeon or having one of my own is thrilling. When you get yours setup do please let us know 😈. I find the thought of being blindfolded and being sexually used by a stranger gets my heart beating wildly.

  5. Aaron

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, i like your style of writing and your honesty. I do wish it was updated though 🙂 Mostly because I would like to read more. This is an interesting bucket list, I like it and would like to read more about ticking these items off your list. I am especially looking forward to your pornhub video, I would love to see a video of you getting facefucked, or perhaps a blowbang!!

    Please keep it up.


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