Photo shoot with Kristy, @dirt_erotic, in the Dandenong Ranges.

I came across Kristy’s social media profiles Dirt Erotic Photography in October 2019 and was immediately blown away by the quality and huge variety of photoshoots she had on display. I was fortunate enough to secure her last spot for the year and eagerly waited in anticipation for the end of November to roll around!

We scouted out a location of the Aquila Nova in the Dandenong ranges, VIC which had such gorgeous scenery and was perfect for my first ever professional shoot. Admittedly I was a nervous wreck but she helped me dry my tears and instilled confidence in me from the first moment I met her. 

I couldn’t have hoped for a better photographer for my first shoot as she was highly skilled in positioning me and guiding me through poses (I had no clue what I was doing!) as well as ensuring her lighting was on point. I appreciated how generous she was with her time. We shot until the sun was approaching the horizon and after we had wrapped up for the afternoon she suggested we visit Grant’s Picnic area where we were lucky enough to capture some stunning shots with the local cockatoos.