Covid-19 got you down? 

Come have a yak, maybe we can write a rap!

My virtual experience will ease your craving of bare flesh and intimate connection throughout these isolating times. While we may be apart in location, this doesn’t mean the fun has to end, we can ignite a spark online if we haven’t yet met or we can foster the existing connection for those I’ve had the pleasure to visit. I’ve always enjoyed a lens in the room while the clothes come off and it gives me goosebumps to think about you on the other side of my laptop while I whisper filthy things to your ears. I offer this service through Skype or WhatsApp video call. I’m open to suggestions for what you would like to see and hear, just keep in mind some things that aren’t offered in my regular services may incur additional charges but let me know what you’re itching to see and I’m sure we can make it happen.

If an online video call isn’t your style and you’d prefer to savor the moment I am happy to take requests for photos and videos which can be provided to you through text or dropbox.

If you’d like to arrange a raunchy session or receive some filthy photos I accept payment via the BeemIt app @ValerieVaccari.

Please get in contact, preferably via text, to discuss what naughty things you might like me to do.

Custom Photos

$20 for 5
$35 for 10
$60 for 20

Custom Videos

$30 for 5 minutes
$50 for 10 minutes
$70 for 15 minutes
$85 for 20 minutes
$105 for 30 minutes

Cock Ratings

$50 for a minimum of 2 minutes

Online Video Sessions

$50 for 15 minutes
$90 for 30 minutes
$150 for 60 minutes
$190 for 90 minutes