Take a glimpse into my personal diary – An Australian escort’s first day of work for 2021.

To those of you who know me well, you’ll know that I’m a natural submissive between the sheets. The world of domination is a realm I love being the subject of, it fascinates me, but I never believed I was ‘That person’. I’ve played with it in the past, but I’ve always held some level of insecurity – I don’t want to charge for services that I believe I need to develop. With the mindset I’ve taken into the new year and a new wardrobe of clothes that made me feel a million bucks, I decided today was a great day to challenge my universe of sex. I want to spend the time in 2021 to develop the interests I’ve always held, but haven’t had the oomph to grab by the balls.

I corresponded with him by text. Whilst seeming as genuine as they come, I had reservations believing he would show up. I have had many enquiries in the past about golden and roman showers, of which I’m willing to offer but in the past have found the vast majority of the enquiries to be taking ‘the piss’.

We confirmed a time with each other and I bolted downstairs – I hadn’t eaten in hours. Shit! I didn’t even have time to head to Coles and buy something that might come up a little easier. I heard yoghurt was a good option. Apparently not today. I headed over to the Kingston Pub and ordered myself a salad plate, loading it up with various potato and pasta salads. I needed something in me OK? After smashing a quick meal along with a beer and cider for stomach volatility purposes, I needed to pee something shocking and felt sick in the stomach already – Perfect!

I darted downstairs, passed the lifts to dart to the reception desk of the hotel to return a pen I borrowed, when I heard a soft spoken “Hey!”. Whilst walking towards the desk I threw my glace towards this voice, with my red hair falling on my opposite shoulder as our gaze met.

“Get fucked” I thought to myself. The gentleman at the other end of my phone, waiting patiently for me in the lobby was a sight to behold. Young, tan, muscular and gorgeous. If I saw him at a pub, I probably wouldn’t try my luck – he was gorgeous. It’s nights like these I feel so blessed that you amazing people value and compensate my time, often it feels like the pleasure really is all mine.

I spoke to reception promptly, turnt on my heel and darted back towards my date to take him back upstairs with me. The walk down the corridor felt like it lasted ions, I was on edge now but took a few deep breaths to get myself in the mindset to be in charge all whilst getting to know the gent I was about to make my bitch.

Once in the room, he politely went to the shower and made himself tasty for me just as I asked. I took a few swigs from the cider I had opened and followed it up with a few strides to the bedroom. I felt his gaze on me from the bathroom as I sat on the edge of the bed and slowly pulled the leather skirt from my thighs up around my waist, exposing my already glistening pussy. I had a moment of shyness but took a second to ground myself and embrace my moments of anger in day to day life to take it out on this gorgeous specimen. In a sultry but commanding tone I demanded he dry himself and come to his knees in front of me, I wrapped my fingers around the back of his skull and pulled his lips into mine. He lapped away at my cunt while I relaxed into the sheets. Admittedly, I rarely enjoy oral in my line of work, most men can’t hit the sweet spot or think that the best way to reach the big O is through gnawing on it like a dog on a bone. No. Just.. No. This pretty boy on the other hand? You could tell he was cherishing every moment he spent with my clit. I crept my feet up his shoulders then offered him my feet. He gratefully licked every inch of my soles and toes while I tried to ignore the relentless tickling sensation and desire to kick him in the face. After a minute I decided that was a decent enough dose of toes.

Still clad in my skirt and flowing royal blue blouse I pushed him away from me, bringing him to a standing position beside the bed while I piosed myself on my knees, ass high in the air like an ally cat on heat. I glanced up at his erect cock and in a rare moment, I was genuinely shocked. His cock hung above my head like an endless trunk, this thing had to be at least 9 or 10 inches of pure perfection. I’m never one to toot my own horn, and rarely take pride in my accomplishments, but I’ll admit that I can suck a mean cock – a girl’s had plenty of practice after all. I show off by taking him straight to the back of my throat and beyond. His legs shivered and his mouth opened to let out a primal groan. The compliments flowed from his lips like lava but he choked on each word as I gagged deeper on his cock. I dropped his cock, rose from the bed and bandaged my body in my arms, grasping at the seam of the shirt while I pulled it over my head. I unclasped my bra, dropped it to the side and clenched the hair on the back of his scalp while I pulled his face to my breasts. I love having my nipples toyed with.

Once I had him lapping out of my hand and in a dimension far from here, I told him to go take a seat in the shower. I watched him dart in the direction of my instructions while I took a moment to indulge in the scene before me. I reached back over and picked up my Cider, knocking back the bottle. I stood, unzipped my skirt and dropped it on the ground while I continued to the bathroom ahead of me. By this point I was in the zone, and it felt so right. I’m a pretty bendy girl; I took my right foot and positioned it high on the bathroom wall tiles and sunk into a lunge over his pretty little stubbled face. “Good boy.” I let flow my stream of golden piss, which by now felt incredibly relaxing – I had been holding this for a good hour or two now. His hand darted quickly to his cock as I gushed on his face and he began stroking his dick frantically. He buried his face into the crease of my thigh while he moaned and I let out the last pulsations of piss. “Why do you do this to yourself?” I asked. He had no reply for me except gasps.

I brought myself to my knees and placed my elbows on the piss covered tiles between his legs. I once again bobbed my red lips up and down on his cock until his cock throbbed and I was worried he might cum on me. I slowed down and massaged my throat with his head until I felt the familiar increase in my salivary glands, and the churn deep in my gut. I kept deep throating him while I heaved, once… twice.. On the third time the power of my wreaching shot me off his cock and I spat a mouthful of thick saliva down his thigh. He moaned and grabbed his cock. I went back down until I choked again and let out a spurt of nasty ass pub salad, beer and cider and over his leg. It smelt funky in here. My hair was in this shit. Fml. I went back down, slowly exploring every inch of my neck with this monstrous dick, until I threw up a couple more times; only this time all over his cock and balls. I took my head away from him and he stroked his dick like a teenager who just discovered porn for the first time while I got out the remaining gunk from my throat and spat all over him. “You’re disgusting. Clean yourself up.” I walked out of the shower while I regained my composure after I looked in the mirror and laughed at myself – What a slut I thought. I gargled some water to get rid of the filthy taste in my mouth then returned back to the bedroom.

He finished washing and sheepishly came to the bedroom. I rolled aside, grabbed him and pushed him onto the bed – his cock was ready and raring to go. I pulled out a condom – safety first yo. After pushing it onto his solid cock I straddled him, spat on my hand and put him inside of me. That was fucking deep. I grinded away at his pelvis and enjoyed his flesh while I whispered filth to him and occasionally spat in his mouth, each time taking him closer to nirvana.

Fully embracing this unfamiliar character, I exploded into an orgasm that I’m pretty sure the entire hotel heard. Woops.

I took a moment to gyrate my hips and enjoy the moment before I jumped off him, pulled the condom away from his skin and began one of the most enthusiastic blow jobs I’ve given. Fun fact – Once I get this into the scene and this horny, I seemingly lose my gag reflex and time really does disappear. Within minutes his body is convulsing as he keeps muttering how much he loves what I’m doing. I can feel my head inflate a little here because I believe him. I embraced the experience and he was entirely absorbed. I’m so glad I continued to explore things I first feared as I truly enjoy playing with this dominant side of myself and the proof that others can truly revel in it.

After I lick his cock clean, I offer him a face washer to get the remaining spit away from his eyes. He cleans himself up a bit, thanks me and then climbs into the shower. We share a bit of banter and chatter as I ask him how the experience went for him – it was both our first time with the Roman showers so we reflected together and indulged in the connection we both made. I sent him on his way and smiled at the fun I just had along with the good sum of money I earned by acting like my true devilish, uninhibited self.

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6 thoughts on “Take a glimpse into my personal diary – An Australian escort’s first day of work for 2021.

  1. Humphrey

    Congrats on trying something new, and excelling.

    Technically almost everything is a fetish so everybody can judge everybody about something.

    Top tip is to have some fish and chip style chips after a big up-chuck that’s the right thing for help replace what you have lost.

    1. Andrew

      My God Val, you should write erotica! The Roman Shower isn’t for me, but I’ll definitely be looking at at least one of those options when we’re next together.
      Hopefully soon!
      A ⚘

      1. valerie Post author

        Wow, thank you so much for this incredible comment. I honestly think I might give it a shot after reading this. It is empowering to express the nasty activities I indulge in through writing 🙂

    2. valerie Post author

      You’re so very correct! It has taken me years to be honest about mine.

      Thank you for the pro tip! I’ll give the chips a try next time 😛

  2. Andrew

    My God Val, you should write erotica! The Roman Shower isn’t for me, but I’ll definitely be looking at at least one of those options when we’re next together.
    Hopefully soon!
    A ⚘


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