Testimonial By John

**Originally submitted to scarletblue by John on January 24, 2021 at 10:27 pm**

John’s favourite photo of Valerie

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Valerie. Valerie has available multiple and easy ways to book. This includes via email, her website, text, and via phone call. The booking process was easy and simple. I was impressed with Valerie throughout this process. She was happy to discuss at length the type of booking and inclusion requests over multiple messages. This is so often missing from the industry. Many give off a vibe of being inconvenienced by the booking process and follow up messaging looking for clarification of services available. On the contrary Valerie enjoyed further discussion which led to greater anticipation and excitement around our appointment.

On the day I confirmed with Valerie our appointment several hours before. Valerie quickly responded confirming such. Valerie quickly provided her address which was easy to find with plenty of parking available. Valerie was available on time without delay. This is something I was quite pleased with as I have limited time in my own schedule.

Upon meeting Valerie for the first-time face to face I was instantly at ease and felt genuinely welcomed. Valerie was happy to chat at first and I did not feel rushed. Valerie was happy to discuss how our appointment would play out and was excited.

Throughout our appointment Valerie was very enthusiastic. This is one of the standout things about Valerie. All to often there is a lacklustre approach taken of just ticking off boxes, not so the case with Valerie. She was able to provide service without loss of motivation or excitement. I actually did pinch myself at one point. After finishing our first round I felt like I didn’t have much more to give with still plenty of time left. We were able to chat some more while we got our breath. Valerie did not revert to the classic giving a massage to chew up the rest of our time. She instead started up again for round two. Valerie is gorgeous and real, so it was unsurprising that Valerie was able to get me going again. Despite it looking like I wouldn’t finish a second time Valerie kept it all going and to her credit got me there. This was amazing. Afterwards we chatted some more over nibbles Valerie had prepared for our appointment.

I left our appointment very satisfied. I have been thinking about it ever since. I recommend at least a 90-minute appointment. This is a good amount of time to relax into everything and make a strong connection. She is so stunning and warm hearted. She also laughed at all my jokes, which are generally terrible. Hehehehe I am looking forward to our next appointment very much. If your thinking of making an appointment with Valerie, then just do it. I guarantee you will never regret it!