Testimonial by NAME-WITHHELD

**Originally submitted via e-mail by NAME-WITHHELD on February 2, 2020, at 2:02 pm**


“I don’t usually write reviews, and I was somewhat torn on whether to do so on this occasion. On the one hand, I was so blown away by my experience meeting Valerie that I feel like shouting about it from the rooftops! But on the other, I selfishly want to keep her for myself.

Whilst I don’t have a ‘type’, I’m quite picky, and have only seen a handful of sex workers. I first noticed Val not long after she set up her Scarlet Blue profile late last year, but it’s hard to nail down exactly what stood out about her – her shock of red hair, her soft red lips, her beautiful eyes, her quirky sense of humor in her writings and on Twitter, or her obvious passion for life? More likely it was a combination of all of these.

Her profile photos are not your typical boudoir/lingerie set, they’re taken in the more natural environments in which she seems to thrive. They portray a ‘realness’ which reflects her personality perfectly, something which is very important to me to get a connection. Don’t get me wrong, she’s totally at home in the bedroom too, but more about that later.

I first contacted Val in mid-November and enquired about meeting when I was next in Canberra. Her response was quick, friendly and professional, and I immediately felt that elusive ‘click’ that sex workers and clients alike are searching for.

I paid a deposit but then had to postpone a couple of times, initially due to a change in travel plans, and then after a donation to the bushfires appeal left me short of cash. Both times she was very cool about it and was happy to hold my deposit until we could get together. In the interim, we kept in touch via text, and the banter was great. Even though we hadn’t yet met, I felt like we could be good mates.

Then last week she texted to tell me she was going to be in Sydney for the weekend. Done, lock me in! We were to meet at her incall, a high rise apartment in the city. On the day I was absolutely packing it, probably a combination of performance anxiety with someone so full of life and so much younger than me, and just pure, raw excitement. As I approached her building my heart was almost jumping out of my chest and, as I’m not getting any younger, I was genuinely worried I might not be able to go through with it. But as soon as I saw her, I was done! She met me in the lobby with a warm hug and peck on the cheek, and we went up to her room. Once inside the door, she planted a lovely soft kiss on my lips, and we both agreed that it had been a long time coming.

It was hot outside and I had been walking from the train station, so I had a quick shower to freshen up. When I came out in nothing but a towel, she was seated invitingly on the couch wearing lovely emerald green lingerie, and a wicked ‘c’ mere’ grin. The first kisses were amazing, another ‘click’ moment if you like as if our lips and tongues were made for each other. They were those rare but wonderful deep exploring kisses, with soft moans and light touches with wandering fingers.

As things heated up, she climbed on my lap and removed her bra. Her breasts are just beautiful – not large, not small, incredibly soft and smooth, and small but very sensitive and responsive nipples. She started to grind against me through my towel as I alternated my kisses between her lips and her breasts, before she stood up and removed her panties and stood in front of me in all her glory.

She then dropped to her knees to see what she had been grinding against and seemed pleasantly surprised with the attention she had attracted. Her soft lips engulfed me, and when her tongue swirled around my head, I almost fainted.

After a few minutes of getting acquainted on the couch, she suggested we move to the bedroom, and when she lay stretched out on the bed in front me of, I just paused for a moment to take it all in. She is incredibly comfortable in her skin and totally owns her sexuality, and to me that makes her one of the most beautiful women I have even seen, let alone been lucky enough to be with.

I crawled onto the bed and started kissing every inch of her soft skin, paying particular attention to her breasts and nipples, before finding my way down to between her legs. Her warm scent drew me closer, and my tongue slowly traced the outline of her soft lips and tasted her for the first time.

She complimented my technique (which is always great for the ego) as I got busy and, after a few minutes she tensed and pulled my head against her as she came. Her juices flowed and tasted incredible, and I had to apologize for my juicy lips and chin as I moved back up to kiss her, but she loved it!

She rolled me over to return the favor, and she was incredible. While I love oral I can rarely cum this way, but she got me so close and it wasn’t for lack of trying or technique. She deepthroats with commitment, and her soft lips and swirling tongue are magic. I asked her to swivel around so we could 69, and by now she was so wet I could almost drink from her well!

As if she read my mind, she jumped up and said, “God, I want to fuck you”, and in no time at all she had the dom on and had mounted me cowgirl. For someone who claims to not be dominant, she sure as hell was driving this bus, and I loved it! Rather than an in-out motion, she kept me deep inside her as she pivoted her hips and ground against me, and her moans and facial expressions were just mesmerizing to hear and watch! She came again and collapsed against me, her legs quivering.

We rolled over into missionary, and once again she held me deep inside and pivoted her hips against me. I could not have been any deeper inside, it was pelvic bone against pelvic bone, and I was again transfixed by the writhing beauty who was moaning and panting below me as she pulled me closer and dug her nails into my back.

This was repeated at least three times during our time together, but apart from the almost nonstop kissing, I think the best bit was when she rolled onto her stomach and put a pillow under her hips, invitingly sticking her smooth round bum up for some attention. We had actually talked about possibly doing anal beforehand, but she indicated early on in our session that she wasn’t going to be able to ‘accommodate’ me. So I started licking her from behind before I tentatively started on her butt hole, almost as if asking permission to go further. I quickly had my answer, and I proceeded to lick around her tight hole, slowly pressing harder and deeper. It tasted amazing, and her writhing, squirming and moaning indicated approval. It was great fun and a first for me! I then got on my knees and entered her from behind, and again she pushed back hard against me and kept me deep inside her. Just bliss!

To wrap up, we went pretty-much non-stop for most of the three hours, such is her energy and passion. For someone who had a hair-trigger in his younger years, Val drove me to unheard-of levels of stamina. Apart from a quick drink of water, I never felt like taking a break. Even when we paused to change positions or to talk about trying something else, I couldn’t resist sitting up and kissing her lips or breasts as she adjusted her hair, she is just so intoxicating.

But perhaps most importantly – especially for new lovers like us – our communication at all times was clear, she guided me when I needed it, and consent to try things was always sought, either verbally or through suggestion.

As our time limit approached, she said she felt guilty I hadn’t cum. But in my mind and my heart I felt like I’d cum many times, and I assured her I felt like I hadn’t missed out on anything. To meet her in the flesh and to have shared this experience in such a free and passionate way was better than a thousand orgasms.

Val and I are going to be great mates. I hope she knows that, not only has she probably ruined me for any future lovers but that she’ll always be able to count on me if she needs a friend or support.

In summary, treat this girl with utmost respect and dignity, as she is truly a rare gem who can touch your heart and your soul if you’re open to it. It only took three hours with her and a few texts beforehand to give me a spring in my step and a dopey grin on my face, as well as a sense of purpose to work hard to earn enough to see her again as soon as possible.”