Testimonial from Cirice

**Originally submitted to scarletblue by Cirice on November 3, 2019 at 10:24 am**

Cirice’s favorite image of Valerie.

OK, where do I start? This is a powerful young woman that is simply in tune with the art of connection. If you are fortunate enough to share the experience that I had, you will be left with a curious sense of desire. There is a soft sensual seductress here, contrasted with an erotic strength that lasts throughout. You can take control but not overcome her. I believe she is in control, yet allows you to be the man that fuels her passion. Dangerous? Dangerously powerful in seduction, passion and pure erotica. Near perfection for my tastes, near, because I am yet to experience more. I am going to pursue the perfection that I saw in those crystal like eyes.