Testimonial from Dr. N

**Originally submitted to scarletblue by Dr. N on December 2, 2019 at 12:01 am**

Dr. N’s favorite image of Valerie.

Valerie was just out of this world and my attempt to describe her or my experience in words is absolutely injustice. Valerie was so refreshing and from the moment she opened the door, I could not take my eyes of her. She was gorgeous and an absolute GEM and I am glad she is based here in Canberra. I got to meet her after .a day’s chat with her and I curse myself for missing her for this looooong.

We role-played Doctor and patient where she examined me throughly with her super soft lips which I probably never experienced before and will never forget. I was so match to her skills :-).
We had an amazing chat about current affairs without taking our hands off each other and in no time, Valerie was back in business….

One beauty that I would recommend AND
One beauty that I would never miss again

I wont be wrong/incorrect to say “One experience of a life time” to be brutally honest.

Looking forward for my next consultation.

Dr. N