Testimonial from Lee

**Originally submitted via e-mail by Lee on December 18, 2019 at 12:25 am**

Valerie is a local talent and appears on the scene only a few months ago. I was fascinated by her selfies on twitter (https://twitter.com/VaccariValerie) and several nice reviews on SB. I was equally interested in her long bucket list in her diary, wishing that I could help her to tick some off, one day.

Booking via email was pleasant and hassle free. The door opened. Wow! A young lady with beautiful face, green eyes, creamy skin, large supple mammas barely hidden behind black lingeries and a tasteful tattoo on the left arm. She had, as I requested, red hair in a high bun and cute glasses to enhance her sophistication!

I left my pleasantry on the table and we immediately connected with cuddles and hugs. We chatted a few moment and our clothes started to disappear. She turned out to be the best DFKisser.

Before things reached to the point of no return, I dashed out for a shower and changed into my red thong. The remaining time was like a wet dream except that it was real with passionate oral, DATY and brilliant mutual French. Valerie tasted wet and divine. I had to call a cease fire before a premature big bang. With the help of G spot massage and bud licking, Valerie reached to heaven first. The finale started with cowgirl, doggy and ended in mish. I believe that a magic moment of simultaneous orgasm has been achieved.

More after glow hugs, kisses and chat ensued. Valerie is intelligent, pleasant and honest. She devoted to what she loves including hot steamy love making. I was reluctant to remove her scent so I skipped the shower. I bathed in her glory and of course her pheromone like scent until the next day……

I will definitely return to Valerie to try the even more exciting PSE after Xmas.