Testimonial from Nate

**Originally submitted to scarletblue by Nate on November 18, 2019 at 10:41 am**

Nate’s favorite image of Valerie.

Valerie is a force of nature barely contained in the body of an absolutely, stunningly gorgeous woman. Intelligent, witty, creative, beautiful, sensual, intense, imaginative, thoughtful and driven in her desire to show her clients the best possible time there is a not a moment of the time with Valerie you will possibly regret. You could probably send her to the leader of any war zone, give her 3-4 minutes and then just provide a list of demands or threaten to take her back before she’s finished unless they give you it all. In various sports there are people who have almost been untouchable in their abilities, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, if they could take every drop of their talent and turn it into skill in the bedroom they still would not come close to matching this woman’s talents. Even outside the bed she is funny, warm, sweet, smart, caring, thoughtful, intimate and amazing. Book her if you can, heck book her if you can’t, she is an experience of a lifetime.