Testimonial from Sly – VIP

**Originally submitted to scarletblue by Sly – VIP on December 2, 2019 at 7:01 pm**

Sly – VIP’s favorite image of Valerie.

A day later and I’m still buzzing, on a high after spending some time with
Valerie. I’m almost at a loss of how to give you an idea of what just
happened. Valerie is a pure and total hedonist. There is also something
very Girl Next Door about Valerie. I was immediately comfortable with
her, a rarity for someone anxiety-ridden like me.

But, this lady should come with a warning. This is the girl next door that
comes to borrow a cup of sugar and ends up bent over your couch,
straight out of a XXX movie. Maybe that’s not a bad thing.
Valerie is so much fun to be with; great conversation, lots of laughter
and then there are those kisses. Kisses that lead into your own private
world, a world of pure lust, just you and Valerie. I will not go into detail;
I’m sure every encounter will be totally different. Suffice to say, it was
possibly the most erotic encounter I have ever had. Totally giving herself
to the pleasure for both of us.

I wandered out of the apartment, hours later, still lost in that private
world, a silly grin on my face and totally spent (in the best way). A grin
that is close to a smirk. I’m certain the high will last for days and come
flooding back, whenever I think of Valerie and our time together.

Sly - VIP